Below are Frequently Asked Questions by our customers, if you still have any, don’t hesitate to contact us.


How long will it take to activate my account?

After payment, you account will be activated instantly.


Which payment methods are available?

We accept following payments methods:

UBL Bank Transfer, EasyPay, JazzCash Account & Skrill Wallet

Our Server

What kind of hosting do you sell?

We sell SSD Shared Linux hosting (SSDs have lower access time, less latency and IOPS up to 100x more than normal drives)


Do you offer Windows based hosting?

No, we do not sell windows hosting.


What kind of hosting control panel you have?

We have cPanel (demo) with Paper Lantern & x3 theme


Do you have any 1-click Script Installer?

Yes, we have Softaculous App Installer.


Which Web Server are you using?

We are using LiteSpeed Web Server.


Which Database Server you are using?

We are using MariaDB 10, with phpMyAdmin.


Which Web Server OS you are using?

We are using CloudLinux OS.


Do you have any backup option?

Yes, we have R1Soft CDP with 30 days files/db backup.


Do you offer any Website Builder?

Yes, we have RVSiteBuilder available.


Which server technologies do you support?

We have Ruby On Rails, Perl, CGI, SSI, cURL, GD2, SSH, Zend Guard, ionCube, ImageMagick, SpamAssassin, Awstats, Logaholic, Webalizer, ModSecurity, CloudFlare & LetsEncrypt.


Which PHP Version do you have?

We use PHP 5.4 as default version, however you can choose any version between 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 & 5.6 in cPanel


What is your Acceptable Use Policy?

Simply anything illegal e.g. Porn, Warez etc is not allowed.


Does your hosting support WordPress/Joomla?

Yes, our hosting support all popular CMS e.g. WordPress.


Where are hosting servers located physically?

Our servers are located in Montreal, QC, Canada.


Do you really offer unlimited resources?

Yes, we offer unlimited subdomains, databases, ftp accounts, parked domains, email accounts, email forwarders and email autoresponders for all accounts.


What is Addon-Domain?

Addon Domain is used to add more domains in one cPanel account, apart from main domain. This way you can host multiple websites in single cPanel account.


Can I host unlimited domains in Unlimited-4 plan?

Yes, you can host unlimited domains in that plan, until your account resources support this.


Do you have any FU limits for disk/bandwidth in Unlimited plans?

Yes, there is no such thing as unlimited in this world, that’s why we impose fair usage policy limits, which we think are more than enough for a regular website.


What If I used all of my fair usage limit?

We will examine your account and if you are using the resources according to our terms, we will increase the limits without any additional cost.


What is life time guarantee?

We are so confident about our hosting that if you no longer want to host with us, we will refund money from all the remaining months (excluding any transaction charges).


What if my account got suspended?

If you violated our terms and our server provider suspended your account, then you are not allowed to continue hosting on our servers and no refunds are paid.


What if I did not pay the invoice?

We send multiple reminder emails before and after invoice due date, if you failed to pay the invoice your account will be suspended 7 days after invoice due date, (if you paid the invoice, account will be activated again and data won’t be lost) 14 days after invoice due date your account will be terminated and all data will be removed permanently.


I really love your hosting and support!

We are glad to know that, you can support us by giving suggestions to us, referring our hosting to your friends and colleagues, post about us on your website/blog/social media and any other way you like.